Recommendation for the Medal “For Courage”

Translation of the bottom section:

“Senior Sergeant Shanina, during a breakthrough deep into the enemy defenses on the border of East Prussia during the invasion of East Prussia, took an active part in the battles in support of the advance infantry, fired accurately to eliminate Nazi soldiers and officers.

During a German counterattack on 10/26/44, as part of the 707th Infantry Regiment, under the city of Pillkallen, Comrade Shanina showed exemplary courage and valor, with her presence, as a girl, showing the soul of a true fighter of fortitude and courage, driving accurate fire on the Nazis. To her credit has killed 59 Fritz.

For their courage and bravery shown in the battles of the invasion of East Prussia, Comrade Shanina is worthy of the medal ‘For Courage.'”



The death notification:

205th Medical-Sanitary Battalion

11 February, 1945

rec’d 1 March, 1945


Please notify Shanina, Anna Alexsandrova, resident in city of Arkhangelsk, 15 Leningrad Avenue,1 that her daughter2 Sn. Sergeant Shanina, Roza, in battle for the Socialist Motherland, in loyalty to the military oath, showing heroism and honor, was wounded and died from wounds on 28 January, 1945.

Buried with full military honors East Prussia Richau 3km south-east of Ilmsdorf village.


1 This is the address of the girls’ dormitory that Roza had lived in as a student. Roza’s boss at Kindergarten #2 ultimately sent a letter to Anna to let her know about Roza.

2 The options given under this line are “Husband, Son, Brother, Father.”